Learning to love watches with Nordgreen #ad

Ill be honest when I say that I have never been a watch wearer. I buy one, wear it for about a few weeks and then they seem to live in my jewellery box for the rest of time. That being said I love seeing watches on other people and most people I know wear one everyday, but it has just never been my favourite piece of jewellery to buy. I really want to fall in love with one though, as I think they are not only a super stylish piece but also very practical as a student too, for example during exam time when many people have them on their desks. 


When the team over at nordgreen contacted me earlier this month, I nearly turned them down because I thought that I was being disingenuous if I came onto my blog and started saying about how much I love watches and ‘genuinely love the brand’ (how many times have you heard that from an influencer?) when quite frankly I haven’t even heard of the brand before they emailed me. That being said, I had a good research into the business and their morals, and I fell in love with the style of their jewellery. They are simple yet elegant, and definitely my style so I thought that a time like this is actually a perfect time to experiment with wearing watches, and I might end up becoming a watch lover? Who knows but I do know that I definitely need to share this brand with my audience. 


In case you haven’t heard of nordgreen (as I presume a lot of you haven’t), they are a new and upcoming business specialising in luxury Scandinavian design. They are also part of the Kickstarter business campaign and are one of the fastest growing design businesses at the moment, and I can completely see why. Their Scandinavian design is so pretty and very simplistic, so I think it makes a perfect ‘first watch’ for me because it isn’t too bold and instead will compliment my current jewellery pieces well. The watch face is my favourite part of the design as I think that it is so elegant and feminine, which is a style that I love incorporating into my fashion. 

I chose the rose gold watch face, because I am loving the rose gold trend at the moment but I actually do not own much rose gold jewellery, so I thought that right now was a good place to start. I then picked the black leather style strap as I think that it goes with everything and it means that I could wear it with every outfit. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had also included a navy leather strap in with my order as well, so if ever I get bored of the black or it starts to wear I can change it but still keep my gorgeous watch face. The watches retail for £140-£160, which may seem expensive but for such a high quality piece I think that it is very much worth the money and in the grand scheme of watches it isn’t too expensive… you can buy a watch for thousands now!


One of my favourite things about Nordgreen is that they take their corporate social responsibility seriously and they have a huge giving back programme that really show how much they care about wider global problems. They give a percentage of their profits to providing clean water, protecting the rainforest and helping educate future generations. I love the ethics of the brand and you know that by buying one of their products, you are not only getting a high quality piece but other people are benefiting too. I love it! 

I thought for these outfit photos, I might as well go full autumnal style because it is my favourite time of year after all, and these are the first wintery outfit photos that I have taken in 2018 so far. I know that I will get a lot of questions about my new coat, as it is so fab, so I thought I best include the details. I feel so cosy and like a bear in it, which I love. It was from New look and I know that you will be seeing it an awful lot more before 2018 ends as I *think* its my new favourite coat (although we all know how much I love my big winter coats). I have never had a brown coat before but I think that they make a full black outfit look so much nicer and it adds something a bit unique to a normal black coat. Its the perfect piece of clothing for this time of year and it feels like you are wearing a blanket, which I’m not complaining about. 


Thank you so much to the team at nordgreen for working with me on this post and attempting to make me appreciate watches more than I have ever done before. I think this company is fab and if you are a daily watch wearer (or like me and are starting to experiment) then I would definitely click here and have a look at their website, to find out more about the brand. They have both male and female styles, and there are so many on the website so I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a new watch, or I think that it would make a fab Christmas present for someone who you love. Also using the code INDIGO means that you get some discount at the checkout- so perfect for them last minute present buying! 

(The product featured in this blog post was kindly gifted to me however all opinions and photos are 100% my own.)



  1. Natalie Hanson
    November 4, 2018 / 2:15 pm

    I’m not usually a watch person either, but this one is so simple, cute and dainty I love it! Loving the autumnal outfits and pics too.

    Nat x | https://nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com/

    • torityreman
      November 4, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      Im exactly the same, they are such a fab brand!

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