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Hebah is someone who I first met through a blogging group chat last year and I instantly fell in love with her content. She has the same mindset as me and I love that she shares a lot about her studying (she works super hard) but also her travels and lifestyle too. I love the mix of working hard but also playing hard! I think that this post would be especially useful for students as Hebah offers a lot of her advice but equally I think anyone can benefit (or find enjoyment) from reading Hebah’s content. it is always a blog I go back to when I need some motivation! 

As always my questions will be in bold and Hebah’s will be in regular font. 

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 What made you start your blog? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day?

Last summer, I did a few work placements and went abroad for a while and decided that I would record what I did so I wouldn’t forget it. That’s what my blog started out as: a place to document my experiences and thoughts which is still at the very core of it. So it was pretty spontaneous in that respect; I didn’t go self-hosted until a few months later and had the worst theme! I then discovered and got to know other bloggers and realised that I could branch out into writing content targeted at an audience which I found myself really enjoying. In all honesty, I didn’t expect that anyone would be interested in reading it… but here we are!

What is your favourite social media platform to post on?

I used to love Instagram and I still love creating content for it but lately I find it’s getting me down. As easy as it is to say that numbers don’t matter, I sometimes find it difficult to ignore them especially when it’s something I work hard on and determines the opportunities I’m offered. I also feel it to be a bit superficial sometimes… which is why I would pick Twitter! It’s the perfect platform for connecting with people and having a real and sometimes meaningful conversation. And call me jaded, but I value that so much more than the overly glossy way people’s lives come across on Instagram.

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How do you manage your blog/youtube alongside studying and other life commitments?

With great difficulty, hahah. It’s becoming increasingly difficult with university application deadlines looming but I actually did a post on how I juggle my commitments a while ago. For me, my blog and YouTube are a hobby and I enjoy editing videos, taking photos etc. so I kind of see it as an escape from work rather than more work. Because of this, I am not strict with myself about my posting schedule because like I say, it’s not my biggest priority right now. This means that when I do write or film, it is content that I’m truly interesting in making and so better quality (I hope!) than something I uploaded for the sake of meeting a target.

Do you enjoy sixth form? What is your favourite subject?

I absolutely love sixth form and am actually sad that this year will be my last! The independence is great, as is being able to delve so deeply into your chosen subjects. Favourite subject… that’s a difficult one. I like a little bit of everything but I find Physics the most interesting and stimulating. But I do enjoy the logical, problem-solving aspect of Maths too. Argh! Don’t make me choose.

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If you could have chosen another subject on top of the ones that you study, which one would you have chosen?

Further maths. As I said, I love maths and I think I would really have enjoyed doing more of it. It would also have helped me with my university application, but there’s no chance of that happening with four A levels and an EPQ to deal with already.

What is your biggest tip for someone going into year 12 this year?

Work hard and play harder. I truly think it is one of, if not THE best year of your academic life. Make sure you don’t leave everything until the last minute but don’t spend the whole time working either. Get to know people, try new things and try to enjoy it while it lasts.

From following you online, I can see that you like to travel (your New York trip looked amazing!) but where is your favourite place that you have been to?

New York was incredible! It was my first time visiting with my family so it’s definitely something I’m never going to forget. I do love travelling and hope to do lots of it in the future. I think my favourite place has to be Abu Dhabi which I visited last year over Easter. I just remember being in awe of how many different places to shop (and eat!) there were. Not to mention the incredible architecture and natural beauty. I would totally visit again if I get the chance. My siblings and I actually grew up in the UAE and it was such fun going back to see how much it had changed. 

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If time/money wasn’t an option then where would be the first place you would travel to?

Oh wow. Another difficult one. I’m going to pick Australia because it’s the one place that I have been wanting to visit for a while. Since my friend visited, I have a burning urge to see a koala in person. If I could pick any sort of holiday, I would travel Europe with my friends (the dream).

What has been your favourite day of 2018 so far?

I can’t think of a day that specifically stands out, but I think this summer in general has to be one of the best. I remember just feeling so content when we used to go out in the evenings during our time in Italy. Something about being surrounded by nature and away from technology for a while felt so refreshing. After such a busy few weeks especially, it was so nice to forget about work for a while and come back home exhausted. I know this doesn’t technically count as a single day but those evenings were my favourite.

I talk a lot about beauty on my blog so we will have the last question as something beauty related. What is your holy grail beauty product?

Beauty isn’t my area of expertise if I’m honest, though I’ve always wished I was good at makeup. The only thing I use daily is lip balm… so does Vaseline count? It’s probably the one beauty product I couldn’t live without.

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So thats the interview! Thank you so much to Hebah for wanting to feature, and I hope that you have enjoyed this post as much as I did. If you want to look into her content further then click below to be redirected to her social media pages.. I would definitely recommend, especially if you are a student.  






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