Origins: Brand Insight

I haven’t done a brand insight post in ages but I have been loving the brand right now so I thought that I needed to share my thoughts and top picks. I first tried origins products about a year ago and since then I have been in love. They are quite a luxury purchase for a student budget but in my opinion they are so worth it and I can honestly say that I have loved every single product that I have tried so far. I have been lucky enough to attend some of their events at the York brand, so I have been able to try a few more products than I usually would have been able to (through very kind gifts and samples), and I know a fair bit about the brand too from the very helpful girls that work there. 


My favourite product without a doubt are the masks, and if I had to only recommend one product to try from origins it would be this. They are honestly amazing, and they have so many different ones so I’m sure that you would find one that matches your skin type perfectly. I have two on the go at the moment: the first is the original skin mask which is in a pink tube. It is a retexturing mask and I find that it is so effective, plus it really deep cleans your pores which is so useful for my quite congested skin. However, the star of the show is definitely the out of trouble 10 minute mask in the blue tube. It draws out all oil and impurities in my skin without being too harsh. Whenever I have a breakout I use this and it reduces the size and redness overnight, and takes a lot less time for the breakout to disappear completely. Sometimes if I have a particularly bad breakout I will put a bit of this product over the spot, go to sleep and wash it off in the morning, which is a much harsher treatment but if you want the spot to just go away before a big event then it is such a good way to use it. It is a complete wonder product and has definitely helped my breakouts and oily patches on my T zone. 


I have only tried one cleanser from origins, but it is definitely a staple in my collection, so much so that I have nearly ran out. The jelly cleanser is such a cool consistency and a texture that I have never experienced from a hot cloth cleanser before. The gel turns to a milky texture when it is rubbed into the skin. It is so smooth and the smallest bit takes off all of your makeup like a dream without being too harsh on the skin. I wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis and it removes it effortlessly, including the eye makeup. The only thing that I am not too keen on is the smell, which I don’t really know how to describe but its just not my favourite for a product. That being said I will look past it because it is a fab product and perfect for all skin types. I will definitely be repurchasing it in the new year! 


I have been using the moisturiser since May, and I actually received this for free at the event because me and Emily won the raffle at the last event and we split the prize. This is a fab moisturiser and it is perfect for combination skin like mine as it is super effective but not too heavy that it will clog your pores. I use this most nights and it gives myself a little bit more TLC and I always wake up to my skin feeling more dewy and fresh. It is a really good product and one that I would recommend if you skin is feeling quite tired and dull looking, and needs a boost. I also love the packaging of these moisturisers in the little pots, as I think they look so much nicer than a tube and easier to store in a cupboard or drawer too. 


I feel like the most underrated product from the brand is the super spot remover blemish gel, as I don’t think I have heard any other bloggers talk about it an I have no idea why! If I feel one of those large under the skin spots forming (everyone knows what I’m talking about- the super sore and painful ones that never really come to the surface) I will put this over the area and it does a fab job of ‘drawing it out’ and actually making it come to a head. By it coming to the surface quicker, it means it doesn’t spend ages under the skin where it is sore and inflamed and overall reduces the amount of time that the spot is there for. I’m very prone to this type of blemish so this little pot has been a very welcomed product into my collection. It is very much on the expensive side considering the size of the pot, but it is an amazing product and has lasted me a long time as you only need a tiny amount on a cotton bud. It has actually won the best beauty product 2017 by stylist magazine which shows just how fab it is, and definitely worth checking out if you have moderate to severe cystic spots. 


Now onto the samples. When I have been to events at origins I have very kindly been gifted a lot of samples which I have been able to try and share with my audience. Obviously I don’t have many photos because they are only one use products but I have found that I love the glowconuts mask, and I have been meaning to try the full size for ages. Its such a moisturising product and will be perfect for the winter time when my skin gets so much drier. I also love the sheet masks but I have used all of them that I have, so again I don’t have a photo. There are a lot of different types of sheet mask that origins do for different skin types so you would have to find the one that is right for your skin but all of the ones that I have tried (from the flower fusion collection) have been great and such a good part of a present as they are quite reasonable too. 


So these are my top picks from origins and as you can tell there are so many fab products and I would certainly recommend the brand to others that enjoy experimenting and trying new skincare products. It is such a crucial part of your beauty routine at all ages but one that a lot of people overlook. Origins is a very luxury price point but would make a good thing to put on your Christmas list if you have your eye on any of these products mentioned. They are 100% worth the price because the ingredients and quality of the products are fab and they do genuinely work, they definitely have had a big impact on clearing my skin up over the past year. I wouldn’t use anything else in a lot of my skincare routine now, particularly the masks and the spot treatment. 


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