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I first started following Jemma about 18 months ago, and she first featured on my blog as part of blogmas last year, where I shared small businesses to support around Christmas time. I love her products and creative style, and her colourful Instagram photos and chatty stories never fail to brighten up my feed. Jemma is actually expecting a baby boy and by the time you are reading this (this is prescheduled) she *might* have had him, so I would definitely go and check out her content if cute baby photos are your thing! She is definitely one of my favourite bloggers/creators and I am so excited to have her feature on A chat with. 

As always from now on, my text will be in bold and Jemma’s will be in a regular font. 


What made you start you start dorkfaceblog, was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

Oh definitely spontaneous! I’d had other blogs before that, but nothing I’d ever stuck to or really worked hard on. I seemed to just get a flash of inspiration, and never looked back once I started Dorkface!

Which is your favourite social media platform to post on? 

Instagram, for sure. It used to be Twitter but I’ve found Insta way better these days. I love the visual aspect of noseying through everyones photos, sharing daily life on my stories, and I love the inspiration of following other Artists and creators.


What came first, the shop or the blog? 

The blog! My blog was going for about a year and a half before I even considered starting a shop for my creations. I started very small and quietly, and it just seemed to grow!


What is your favourite moment to come out of your shop? 

Whenever someone has sent me a note thanking me for a special request, or sending my artwork all over the world – it feels amazing!

With a blog, a shop, a very popular Instagram account, living life and growing a baby… you must be very good at time management! How do you keep on top of it all? 

I’ve always been very organised, and I love a good to-do list! I think Im a very Type A personality in many ways. I feel chaotic if I don’t have a plan, and I love having goals to set myself. I find that waking up each day and taking five minutes to write down what you want to do before bed that evening, works a treat! It motivates me instantly!

I can’t wait until you have your baby boy, what are you most excited about? By the time this goes live in November he will nearly be here!

Aww thank you!! I’m most excited to start a new adventure, and to have special family time to treasure. It’ll be wonderful creating memories together, and I’m SO excited about giving him a really creative childhood!


What is your favourite memory of 2018 so far? 

I’d say, looking down on that pregnancy test and seeing it say positive, hitting my Etsy sales goal, and just basically having the happiest year EVER (cheesy but true!).

What can we expect to see from dorkfaceblog in 2019? (Well apart from a lot of cute baby photos!)

A full blown relaunch of my shop, and me as a creator. I have big plans to really shake things up late 2019 once my maternity is over, and I’m SO excited about it. A lot of professional goals are being made, and chances being taken! However my blog and Instagram will be still sharing everyday life and all the little joys throughout!


As I talk a lot about beauty on my blog we will have the last question as something beauty related, what is your holy grail product? 

EASY! Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – its the absolute BEST. I love it so much, and I’ve recently ran out! Boo! I basically adore everything from UD though! 🙂


So there’s the interview! I hope you love Jemma as much as I do and if you want to go over and check out her content then click below to be redirected to her socials and her shop. I think she is on maternity leave right now for her shop but I’m sure that if you want something in particular you will be able to pick it up when she reopens. 






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