Here we go again…

It’s currently the 26th October and I can’t believe I am actually sitting down to write my Christmas posts already, it feels way too soon. Although that being said I am doing 32 posts in the next 32 days so I think that it is best to get started sooner rather than later! Most of my November posts are scheduled now so it’s time to finally start on blogmas and I cannot wait for this time of year again. Blogmas last year was one of my favourite times posting on my blog, and although it was hard to post everyday I really thought that it brought the Indigo Rosee community together. 

These photos are taken by the lovely Ami from Amifordphoto- and her and her posts will be featuring a lot over blogmas!

I thought to start this whole month off by just explaining what blogmas is in case some of my audience haven’t heard of it before, and an introduction to what is going to come on my blog.  In case you don’t know, blogmas is something that many bloggers do in the run up to Christmas where they post everyday until the 25th. A big challenge (blogging is more time consuming than you would think) but it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit and a good way to share all of the festivities with your followers. Almost like an advent calendar on your blog!

Although I’m doing things a little differently… I’m have decided to post everyday in December and not just in the run up to the 25th. I debated this for quite a while (as last year was so difficult to manage) but I have established that if I did it last year during my A levels then I definitely can do it again this year. Plus I always love the posts that I do at the end of the year with my reflections etc (they are my favourite posts to write all year) so I might as well do another week. Hopefully I will get them all completed, and my target is to not miss a day in the whole month. Although I do have a lot of other commitments as well (my degree etc) so please don’t hate me if I do miss one or two uploads! My plan is to get organised and have a lot pre-scheduled ones so hopefully it will all be fine and I will be able to upload everyday. All of the posts will be uploaded at 9am, and I will be tweeting the links to each post and sharing a lot on my Instagram stories so that you will never miss an upload. I know that reading them may get a bit overwhelming with me posting everyday so they will all be under the ‘blogmas’ section of my blog if you ever want to refer back to it. 

So that’s my first ‘blogmas’ post! I hope that you really enjoy these posts as much as I am going to enjoy making and sharing them. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and I am so excited to share my entire month and festivities with my audience, plus I have a giveaway coming tomorrow which I am so unbelievably excited to post. I have the majority of my post planned out but if you have any recommendations please let me know and I will add them to the list as I do have a few spaces towards the end of the month! 


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