Im actually writing this the morning after the event but I know it will be scheduled for blogmas, as at the moment I’m trying to preschedule as many blooms spots as possible. But last night I attended one of the best events that I have ever been to, which was the Kiss Christmas event in Manchester. As soon as I woke up this morning I had such an inspiration to just write and share my photos from the event, as it was such an exciting event and I just want to share everything!  It was actually the first Manchester event I have ever been to, but I hope it won’t be my last and I can’t wait to attend more (because they are clearly more high profile than what I’m used to!). It was crazy overwhelming, crazy posh and like nothing I have ever been to before as a blogger, but utterly incredible. 



First of all we need to talk about the venue, which was at cloud 23 at the Hilton Deasngate. Its such an exclusive venue, and it was the perfect place to host an event like this as it just made it so much more special. The Hilton is a lovely hotel to start with (I stayed at the Manchester hotel a few years ago and loved it) but I have never been to cloud 23 before, but I do know that I will definitely be going back. In case you don’t know, cloud 23 is an upmarket cocktail bar on the 23rd floor of the Hilton and I would 100% recommend going if you want a more special date night location or if you want to really treat someone for a birthday etc, as it has such a special and romantic feel to it… I absolutely loved it and you definitely get what you pay for. As soon as I walked in I was just blown away, the view is absolutely insane and at every angle you could see the Manchester skyline, it was crazy. We were actually in the function room so every single wall was the skyline and it was just mesmerising. I’m not going to lie, I spent an embarrassing amount of evening just looking and admiring the view. It is hands down the best blog event venue that I have ever been to, even the decor in the toilets were out of this world. 



Kiss very kindly let us have a free and open bar, which although was very generous of them it meant that I had way too much to drink! All I’m saying is if you give a student access to an open bar of posh cocktails you know exactly what I’m going to do! We were greeted at the door by a variety of prosecco and fruity cocktails on huge trays, and it made you feel so luxurious as soon as you walked in. Then the rest of the night I kept ordering pornstar martinis, which were so nice and potentially one of the best that I have tasted (and they are one of my fave cocktails to start with). Something I loved was how helpful the bar staff were all night, at one point they were making 10 pornstar martinis at once to keep everyone happy! I loved the little touches as well, for instance my fried wanted an alcoholic drink as she was driving so they made her a pornstar martini mocktail with a shot of lemonade instead of prosecco! I loved the little things that they did to make the drinks fab, even adding little flowers to the top of the cocktails especially for blog photos. 



Now onto the event itself, which was just so good. Kiss are known for their lashes and false nails so that is what the event was orientated around. The team are so good at what they do and that was proven at the event. They had their full collection of lashes and nails on big tables for the guests to browse, and if you wanted one of their beauty team to apply them then you totally could at the event. I think that this is such a good idea as I know that a lot of people are scared of false lashes, so having someone apply them and teach you would be so useful. My friend had her nails and lashes done and they looked fab, I wish I didn’t wear them before I got there so I could have had the same experience! I did get to take plenty of pairs home with me to try though, which is good. I loved how chilled the event was, and there wasn’t any pressure to do any ‘activities’ like there is at a lot of events. We could just sit with a drink looking to the view, meeting others, taking photos and having a nosey at all of the products that Kiss have to offer. I loved it, and I also love that because it was their Christmas event there was already Christmas trees up and everything looked so festive… it made me so excited for December! 


I was so happy that I went on my own, as although I am always more nervous if I have to walk it on my own, I actually prefer it as it forces me to network more and talk to others. At this event I met two lovely girls who I have never met before, but we instantly got talking and became friends. Siena (from @ros3quartz_)  and Chloe (from @being_chloe96) are both bloggers and I would love if you could check them out as their content is fab too. We spent the night together and it was so much fun to talk to them, plus its always good making friends with bloggers as they know the best photos to take! 


At the end of the night we were all gifted a Goodie bag, which is such a nice touch to events when brands send you away with some gifts to try. Although this goodie bag was probably the biggest I have ever seen at an event, it was absolutely crazy how generous the team were to send us away with so many products in the collection to try. I have enough nails and lashes to last me a lifetime now, and the team also send me out some of their products as well so I’m going to have the whole collection soon! Although as you probably agree, this is way too many gifts for one person to get through so I’m going to be putting a few items in my giveaway to share the love a little bit, and so if you win you can try their fab products as well. 


So there was my roundup of the event, pretty crazy eh? There was no better to spend a night than meeting other bloggers, drinking an endless flow of cocktails and admiring one of the best views I think I have ever seen… it made me feel so fancy! I am still blown away by the fact that attending events like this was once a dream and now is becoming a reality. I am giving myself some credit as I know how hard I have worked to be in the position that I am in, but ultimately its all down to you guys for supporting me and giving me this platform. Thank you for always helping me to get me to a position where I can be at these events and I hope you know how grateful I am to be giving opportunities that most 18 year olds wouldn’t even dream of… it means the world. 



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