Christmas with Caseapp #ad

Caseapp are such a lovely brand that have worked with me (and many other fantastic bloggers) over 2018, so I am so excited to be able to share another post showcasing them as part of my blogmas this year. I actually hosted a giveaway on my Instagram last month and that went down so successfully, but if you didn’t get your hands on one in the giveaway and are interested in the brand then this is the post for you (and there is also a discount code at the end to help with your shopping ). Not only do these products make a fab gift for Christmas, they also make a fab treat to glow up your devices as well. A brand that I love and have used time and time again! This post is going to be a bit of a haul, as case app kindly let me choose some of their products as a Christmas treat, and I love them all. 

These photos were actually taken by the lovely Ami on our shoot last month, how stunning are they? If you want to check her out then click here to be redirected to her Instagram page, I would love it if you could show her some support as she truly is a fab photographer and I’m so happy with how the shoot turned out. There will be a lot more photos from this day featuring throughout blogmas, as I think we shot 8 blog posts in one shoot! 


Anyway, back to the phone cases. I have so many different phone cases in my collection now, but I think they are a really nice way to change up your phone and make it look completely different. My phone is always in my hand so people are constantly seeing it, so it is a good way to show off your personal style more. I get so many compliments on my caseapp phonecases as the designs are always so stunning. They have hundreds of phone case designs available on the website so there will definitely be something for you or one of your loved ones, plus you can get many of the phone cases personalised with your own text and photos. I think that they make a fab present for that one person that you just don’t have a clue what to get them, because 99.9% of people have a smartphone now!

I ordered two new phone cases off their website, and I absolutely love them both despite them both being in completely different styles.

The first one that I ordered is a plain black case with tiny whales as the detailing all over it (click here). This isn’t something that I would normally go for but I thought the design was so pretty and unique, and like nothing I’ve seen on a phone case before. Plus it reminds me of my best friend Emily as they are one of her favourite animals and she is actually considering getting a tattoo of a whale, so this is a little reminder of her as we don’t see each other much anymore. Plus it is just so cute in its own right! I ordered the matte version but you can also get all of the phone cases in a shiny style, but its just personal preference.



The other phone case that I ordered was this pink and red ‘she’s a boss’ case (click here), which I ABSOLUTELY love and I think it is my favourite phone case that I’ve ever had. I didn’t think that I would like this colour combination as much as I do, the colours are so feminine but still have an edge to them and that is 100% my style. Plus this phone case speaks a lot to me as there are some exciting things coming in 2019 and this phone case is a big hint- if you follow me on Instagram then you will know more about what I’m talking about but ill refrain from talking about it on the blog until 2019. Not only is it super aesthetic but it gives me a lot of motivation for current projects too, as big things are certainly coming. This will be on my phone constantly from now as I just love it so much. Definitely a good present for any super strong women in your life. 


Now onto the next product that I ordered, which is a laptop skin. This is actually the first time that I have ordered one of these from caseapp, but I know that it certainly won’t be the last because I love it. I picked the pale blue design with tiny black polka dots (click here) on it but there are so many on the website, so its worth having a look and finding one that matches your personal style. I think that this is such a good present for a university student, because it means that your laptop stands out in a lecture theatre where there is a sea of plain MacBooks at every lecture. It is also so nice to be able to mix up the design of a pretty boring silver laptop, by removing one skin and putting other design on. It instantly changes it and means you don’t get bored, especially if you are like me and use your laptop all day everyday. I think that this is such a good but unique present for a student like me, who uses their laptop a lot as it isn’t something that I would think about buying for myself but since I have had it I absolutely love it. 


If you order them now then I am sure that they will be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas, as whenever I have ordered from them the delivery time has been pretty short and no more than a week. Plus if you use INDIGOROSEE at the checkout then you can get 10% off any purchase from the website until Christmas, so it will help with your Christmas budgeting too as you can get some discount on presents. The best of both worlds! I wouldn’t recommend this brand enough, they are certainly worth checking out and they make all of my devices look absolutely gorgeous… I can’t wait to work with the team more in 2019! If you do want to have a browse of their products then click here to be redirected to their website. 

(The products featured in this post were kindly gifted to me, but as always all opinions are my own) 


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