Blogger Box Swap- The receiving

First of all, if you haven’t seen yesterdays post then I would definitely recommend going over and checking it out first, to see what I gave Brooke in the box swap and an explanation of what is going on. For a brief- me and Brooke (@life0fbr00ke- click here for her A chat with) have been blogging friends for around a year and this year we set each other a £50 limit for a Christmas box swap as part of our Blogmas. Today I am unboxing what Brooke sent to me, which as a bit of a spoiler, was incredible! I was so overwhelmed by everything she sent me and I was so grateful, she sent me over so many lovely things that I will use and love. Its so weird how someone you have never met can know you so well purely through blogging.


The parcel arrived in a huge brown box, and everything was individually wrapped on brown paper with little notes on them. I thought this was such a nice touch and really added a personalised aspect to her gifts. You could really tell that she had thought about everything she had bought me, as they are right up my street.



So here they are:

Pink fluffy blanket-  I love these blankets and I already have one in grey on my bed at the moment, so I can’t wait to put this on there as well. They are so cosy for this time of year, to cuddle up with and watch a Christmas film. 

Pyjamas- I have such visions of an Instagram post wearing these sat underneath the Christmas tree. Christmas Eve maybe?


T tote bag- I am always in need for a tote bag as I travel between home and uni so much, plus they are perfect to take shopping. After attending the #leedsbyexample event a few weeks ago, I am determined to make some more sustainable choices and a tote bag is a really good way to reduce single use plastic. 

New bullet journal- This was the present that I was most excited about, as I have been thinking about buying a new bullet journal for the new year. If you have read my blog for a while you will know how obsessed I am with my bullet journal. This one is perfect and I really appreciate it, because I know how expensive they are to buy. Plus its the dotted paper one which is my fave! 

Stencils- I have actually never seen these before but they are going to be so perfect for my bullet journalling to add little doodles and text boxes. I am going to get so much use of of them, plus they come in a little travel case so they never get lost. 

Countdown to xmas sign- this will certainly be featuring in a Christmas flatlay closer to Christmas! I can’t wait to put this up in my room and count down the days to Christmas, I might just be that person and put it up every time it reaches 99 days to xmas. 


Bath bomb- I love lush so much so I was so thankful of this, and I can’t wait to use it in my bath when I get home from uni for xmas. This is in the scent ‘shoot for the stars’ and if I remember correctly from last year, it makes your bathwater a pretty deep purple colour. It smells divine!


Fairy lights- A must have for any university room and I will definitely be putting these up when I go back in January.

Cosy socks- I buy a new pair of these primark socks every year so these are welcome to my collection! 

Midliner pens- I can’t believe that I have never tried these! I see so many of the ‘study bloggers’ use these to create their beautiful mindmaps, and now I have them as well. Can’t wait to properly try them over Christmas whilst I’m am catching up on my well overdue micro notes. 

Holler and glow mask- I haven’t tried holler and glow before but I have heard so much about the brand, so I can’t wait to give this mask a try. My skin has been playing up so much recently due to the cold spell we have been having, so I’m hoping this does a good job at calming it down. 

Chocolate- I love thorntons chocolate (what a treat) and it is an absolute essential at this time of year. I’m sure I will be treating myself to this with a cup of tea in front of the TV very soon… thats what Christmas is all about!

Christmas socks- I always tend to think of cosy socks around Christmas time but these are so cute and perfect with boots. Simple but so pretty with the little details on them! Perfect for wearing with boots yet still being festive. 

Ring holder- I have been thinking of buying one of these for so long, so I am so happy to finally have one. I wear 7 rings every day (it feels so weird without them on now) and I usually just store them in a little tray, but now I get to put them on my little ring holder. I love it! 

Candle- The perfect Christmas gift for anyone! I can’t burn candles at my university accommodation but I will definitely be using this when I am home for Christmas. Especially when I am having a bath with my lush bath bomb, I can’t wait. 


Copper ornament- I love this so much that it actually features in my Christmas Instagram giveaway. I was gutted that there was only one in stock when I bought it so I couldn’t buy one, but now I have one thanks to Brooke. Just goes to show how much of the same taste we have! 


So there is everything that I was sent, its amazing isn’t it? Thank you so much to Brooke for sending me these over, I am so lucky and grateful to have made such a fab friend in you thanks to the internet. I would love to do one of these again with her as it was so much fun. I can’t share it here because it is going live at the same time as this post, however Brooke has made a video on her youtube channel (click here) unboxing my box so definitely check that out after this and let her know that I sent you! 



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