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Ruby is without a doubt one of the best friends I have made through the internet and I would class her as a genuine friend of mine now, and I’m so lucky to have met her through my blog as there is NO WAY I would have ever known her otherwise, plus she is coming to my university next year so we are going to see a lot more of each other. We are both on the same wavelength when it comes to studying (and so many other things) and we got on from the moment we first spoke, which is actually about 2 years ago now. She actually has a studying page where she posts her notes from A level, and they are honestly to die for. If you love pretty flatlays of gorgeous notes then 100% check her out, as her mindmaps actually look like a work of art. 

As always from now on, my questions will be in bold and Ruby’s will be in a regular font. 

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What made you start your studying page, was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

I had been following a few studygram pages and as I had always enjoyed making my school notes and revision look pretty I thought it would be cool if I had somewhere online to put them all. It was definitely planned though, I was so worried about what people at school would think!

Do you enjoy sixth form? What is your favourite subject?

I really enjoy sixth form, I’m studying English Language, History and French and I don’t think I could even choose my favourite subject as I love them all! The teachers treat us so differently now, more like colleagues or even friends rather than children which is still a bit strange but definitely better than lower school.

What is your biggest tip for someone in year 12? 

Start revising now. I know you’ve only just started sixth form and everything is still going to take some getting used to, but honestly it will help so much. In year 12 for history every time we finished a topic I would condense all of my notes onto a mindmap and it’s so useful to have that already made now so I don’t have to go through hundreds of sheets of paper when I am actually revising. Enjoy it though! Year 13 is stressful so have as much fun as possible in year 12!

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If you could have chosen another subject on top of the ones that you study, which one would you have chosen?

Definitely media! I was actually going to take media instead of french, but I hadn’t done it as a GCSE so I thought french was a safer option, but I do sometimes wish I had done both as it looks like so much fun!

Are you looking forward to university? 

Yes and no! I know I’m going to love university wherever I end up, but I am nervous about it. Like everyone, I’ve never had a change this big, and I keep thinking about leaving my friends and family which is scary, but I know I’m ready to be independent now.

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Now for some Christmas questions- what is your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Ahh I love Christmas! Since I live in London, my favourite part is going up to Oxford Street and seeing all of the Christmas lights, they’re so pretty. I love the whole atmosphere as well though, everyone doing their Christmas shopping wrapped up in coats and hats and scarves, it’s just so cosy. And hot chocolate of course (which I drink all year round anyway but you know, it tastes different at Christmas) 

What does your typical Christmas day look like? 

On Christmas Day I always wake up at home with my sister and we open our stockings, and then we head over to my Nan and grandads to see our whole family and have Christmas dinner and a lot of chocolate. There are always board games involved as well, last year my Nan had a 1000 piece puzzle that we all joined in with!

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What has been your favourite day of 2018?

That’s a hard question! The first day that comes to mind is my friend Klara’s 16th birthday. She came to mine after school and our best friend who moved schools when we started sixth form was hiding in my flat and jumped out on her! It was so funny. We went to a restaurant after that and earlier in the day I had bought a balloon with ‘Happy Birthday Klara’ on it and I left it at our table so she saw it as soon as we walked in the door! And of course I bought a cake which the waiters brought out and we all sang happy birthday to her, it was definitely a memorable evening. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2019? 

University 100%. As I said I am nervous of course, but I do feel ready for a change, and you don’t get much bigger a change than moving across the country!

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I talk a lot about beauty on my blog so we will have the last question as something beauty related. What is your holy grail beauty product?

I’d have to say mascara, I just don’t think any makeup look looks complete without it! The one I’m currently using is Maybelline Total Temptation – it gives my lashes a really voluminous but feathery look which I love (also the packaging is pastel pink and so pretty so that may have influenced my purchase of it ever so slightly). 

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So there are the questions! I hope that you love Ruby as much as I do, and if you do want to follow her then click here to be redirected to her social media platforms. I really hope she starts a blog next year as I would love reading that, I bet she would be a fab writer! 




  1. Ruby Holt
    December 16, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    This is so weird to read haha, and I have actually thought loads about starting a blog next year as I get so many of the same questions dm’d (I have no idea if that’s a word lol) to me which would be easier and probably more helpful to answer on a blog 😊

    • torityreman
      December 16, 2018 / 4:22 pm

      Omg you need to!!! Please do ❤️

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