New year, New (organised) you

Trying to be more organised and ‘have your shit together’ is definitely one of the more popular New Years resolutions, so I thought I would shed some light on how to be a much more organised version of yourself in 2019. I would say that one of my best personality traits is organisation and time management, and although I definitely don’t have my shit together all of the time, I do think I have some advice. This post is full of tips, tricks and most importantly little changes that you can make to be a more organised, and therefore overall more productive person in the new year. This is going to be heavily tailored around students (because I am one!) and education, but I’m sure that you can adapt them to the workplace if you need to. Organising and streamline your time, will not only make you feel more in control of your workload, but will also free up so much of your time. Simple changes make big differences!


First of all, don’t just wake up on the 1st and expect yourself to be an organised person, or a fitness guru or never going to think about a biscuit again, because its just unrealistic. You can’t change your personality overnight, its practically impossible and this goes for every New Years resolution!  Instead my biggest tip would be to start as you mean to go on and make little changes over the course of a few weeks, to build yourself up as if you dive straight into it you will just revert back to your old ways. There so many little things that you can do to make yourself more organised which aren’t a lot of effort, such as packing your bag the night before and always making your bed. It takes 3 weeks to make a habit, so maybe think of 3 simple things you can do and then after 3 weeks add another 3 things until you are happy with your progress. 

If you want to be more organised, I think the best thing to do would be find an organisation system that works for you. Some people like having everything on their phone (calendar app etc) and other people prefer having a hard copy, such as a diary or wall calendar. Whatever your preference is, work it out and make sure you use it! Listening to my advice and buying a bullet journal is all good but if you don’t use it then its pretty pointless. Ultimately you need to work out your method for yourself, which coincides with your lifestyle best. I used to use my bullet journal for everything but now I am on the go a lot more I am making good use of the calendar app on my MacBook. Once you have a method, you need to start putting in key dates in January so you have at least a rough idea of the month planned out. 


To do lists are also going to be your best friend, as how are you meant to know what to do if you haven’t even thought about it? You will try to be productive but still miss things off if you don’t write it all down beforehand. I always have at least 2 to do lists at all times, usually 3! 

My next tip is to spend some time over the Christmas break tidying and sorting out your things (including your folders!) whilst you have some extra time, as I know that it will make you so much more productive. I find that if my workspace and flat is messy then I find it overall much more difficult to work, as I just get distracted and want to tidy. I very much stand by the ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ approach. Once its done, then you just have to tidy regularly and put things away once you use them, so it doesn’t get in such a state. Most students have at least 2 weeks off over Christmas, so utilise it to sort out your life whilst you have some extra time on your hands. 


if you are a student, make sure all of your work is done on time and don’t get into the habit of doing work the night before (or even the morning of) the due date. At A level I got to the point where by the end of the day I had no outstanding work, because I used to do my homework that was set on the same day, either in my frees or on the evening (and just didn’t stop until it was done). It was hard to get used to doing it so soon when you had a week to complete it but once I got into the routine it was so useful, and it meant that I had so much more time to revise as I didn’t have to do any homework catch up over the weekend, because it was done by the Friday night. It is so easy for you to start this, as at the moment you will be having a Christmas break where you can catch up on all of your work, and then when you go back get into the routine of doing everything the night its set. It will take a while to get used to if you have gone from being a night before person, but its so much more beneficial (and you have more time to talk to teachers and get help if you struggled). 


So there are my top tips to start off a more organised 2019, and if you want any more tips please let me know and I’m sure I could do a more specific post with more tailored tips for A level for example.Im a naturally quite organised and neat person, but doing many little things just makes my life more streamlined, for example I was shocked when I found out a lot of people don’t make their bed as soon as they get out of it… I do it naturally now! That being said, nobody is perfect and there are times you can’t even see my floor for mess and paperwork, so don’t be harsh on yourself and certainly don’t compare yourself to others… they only put their best self online! Always have your final goal in mind, why do you want to be more organised? To get better grades to get into uni? To feel less stressed? If you have a goal in mind then you will be able to work towards it as you have the added dimension of motivation to keep the resolution going. 


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