If you have been following me for a while you will know that every year I host an annual Christmas house party for my whole friendship group (click here for last years), and last Saturday was the day that we put all the decorations up and invited everyone round once again for drinks and a fun time. Obviously this year seems even more special though, because this was the first time that all of my friends have been reunited since going to uni 3 months ago… I was so excited to see everyone! I have seen most of my friends individually since September but this was the first time that everyone was together again, and although we aren’t the tightest knit friendship group in the world, we have all stayed in contact since being at university and I have really missed seeing everyone everyday. 


This is going to be a very photo heavy post, be warned. I took so many selfies with my friends and just funny photos which I want all in one place to look back on, but not really a lot to say! I hope you enjoy having an insight into the evening regardless though, especially after so many people enjoyed the friend takeover so you can see even more photos of my friends. 


I know a lot of people follow my blog for the beauty and fashion content, so I thought I would share my hair, makeup and outfit that I wore to the party. My makeup is the easiest to share because it is my classic smokey eyeshadow with the urban decay solstice liquid glitter, winged eyeliner and a nude lip… I barely wear anything else. My hair was my favourite part because I had ‘hair tinsel’ or glitter extensions put through my hair before the party. I didn’t think that my glitter obsession could go any further but alas it could as now it is weaved through my hair! My outfit was pretty straightforward with a pair of black trousers from misguided and a glittery bandeau top from new look. 


Now onto the evening itself. I spent the whole evening laughing, catching up with my friends and dancing. Sounds like a perfect evening to me! Now that we are all 18 or older I do genuinely miss house parties and it made it feel like old times having everyone round to my house again. Its weird how when you are younger you just want to be 18 so you can go out clubbing and then when you turn 18 you crave the simplicity of a house party where you can fully let your hair down and be yourself with only people that you want to be there. 


So that was my evening. I know this is a short post text wise but I hope you enjoyed looking through all my photos. These are the posts I always look back on to reminisce about memories with my friends. I hope there are plenty more parties to come in 2018 and plenty more happy memories. I think this photo sums up just how happy I was to be home amongst all of my friends!IMG_5603.jpg


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