Best of Beauty: 2018

I have found some fab beauty products in 2018 (if I do say so myself), so I definitely wanted to do this post to share my top 5 items that I have bought and used to death this year. I haven’t bought many but the ones I have bought I love and I want to share! I think this year has been the year of underrated products for me, as I have been loving so many products that I haven’t heard many others talk about.

The beauty market is so saturated and it is so hard to find fab products amongst the many many bad ones, so hopefully by sharing my top 5 favourite products that I discovered in 2018 it will help you discover some more products too. Not all of them are new releases but they are products that I found in the past year and fell in love with, and would definitely recommend them all. 


Did you see this post last year? Click here to be redirected, all of the products mentioned there I still use and love!

Nyx brow gel 

I discovered this in the middle of the year and have been using it ever since, I love it! I didn’t even have any intention of buying it but it was in a 3 for 2 offer at boots so I bought it to try, and I know that I won’t buy anything else now. If you are used to a pomade or powder then this will take some getting used to but once you have tried it you will never go back, its absolutely fab and amazing if you like a fuller more defined brow. I put it on with an angled brush, and once I put it on my eyebrows stay put (even in a club). It will not budge throughout the day, and is even waterproof so you put it on and dont have to think about it, I don’t even set it with a brow gel. I just love how it makes my brows look and it is so quick to apply once you get used to it, plus it is so cheap compared to other brow products I have used in the past, making a good dupe for the makeup forever one. I will be using it from now on and I would definitely recommend it if you like a full thick brow for a fraction of a high-end price.  


Doll beauty lashes

This is without a doubt my standout product of the year, and one that I would recommend to any lash wearer. I discovered them back in January and didn’t wear anything else for the majority of the year, they are the most beautiful styles, fab packaging and at a cheap price point for the quality you get. However, my favourite thing about the lashes has to be how long that they last. This is the most unhygienic thing in the world but I have been wearing the lashes that I wore on my 18th back in June (the gloria lash) on nearly every night out since then, and they are still as good as new. Its crazy! I have never had a lash that has lasted as long and they are such good value for money, even thought they seem pricey when purchasing.  If you love a big stand out lash then definitely check them out, they are online as well as in most Topshop stores now. Although if you are a lash lover then I would maybe wait another few weeks until something even more exciting is launched on this site *wink wink* . 


Stila glitter 

This is perfect for people like me who love the look of glitter on they eyes but hate using loose glitter as it just goes everywhere and there is so much fallout. This is the ideal solution as there is absolutely zero fallout and it is so easy to use! I only have one shade of this at the moment (smouldering satin) but I am 100% going to buy some more as they are fab. The pop of glitter on the lid makes such a good addition to a usual brown smokey eye and I have literally worn it on most nights out since I bought it back in June. Its such a pretty shade, I can’t resist! It is a liquid glitter with a doe foot applicator, which you can put all over the lid and then blend out to create such an effortless glitter eye look that doesn’t budge no matter what. I love it, and I really want some paler shades that I can put into the inner corner as I think that will look so nice on a night out. Overall such a fab product, which despite being on the expensive side it is worth it. However, if this is out of your price range at the moment then primary have just brought out such a good dupe for this… I haven’t tried it but so many beauty bloggers I know are raving about it so its worth a look if you want to try something similar before splurging on the stila one.  


Nyx eyeliner 

I bought this after I ran out of my absolute favourite Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner, and I haven’t bought anything else since… I never thought I would say that this has overtaken my holy grail eyeliner of 3 years and it is £15 cheaper. Its honestly identical, the brush is flexible and the eyeliner is black and long lasting. I wear winged eyeliner a lot, and I wouldn’t recommend anything that I don’t absolutely love. Even if you aren’t used to wearing eyeliner, the paintbrush tip makes it so much easier and the formula lasts all day and night without smudging. No joke, I cry a lot (no seriously, its kind of comical how much I cry at everything) so if it lasts on me it will last on anyone.  Definitely worth checking out and at a drugstore price point too, if it can beat my beloved Kat Von D eyeliner then it must be good.  

Smashbox palette 

I first discovered this when I went on holiday in July, as my best friend Emily had it and brought it with her. I used it the whole holiday and then I bought it almost instantly so that it could be at my door when I arrived home as I loved it so much. It has everything in you need and the tones are perfect for me, all of the eyeshadows are ones that I would use, I love that they offer two bronzer shades (one more warm and one more grey) and the highlight is stunning and reminds me of Mary loumanizser. I have this at my boyfriends flat now and it is so useful, as when I go visit I just have to take foundation, lipstick and mascara and the rest of my look is in this box. This is my first item from smash box but I will definitely be looking into buying more items in 2019 as the quality is so good, I think I want to get the full size bronzer as it really works well on my skin tone. Excuse how messy my palette is on my photos, it is clearly well loved! 


So these are my top 5 beauty finds of 2018, let me know if you have tried any and most importantly what your top beauty picks of the year are! Nyx seemed to have feature a lot in this post so I think I might do a brand insight in the new year with a roundup of my fav picks from the brand, as they have been a standout drugstore brand this year for me. I would love to treat myself to some new beauty items in the new year with my Christmas money, so if you want a haul of ‘beauty revamp 2019’ post then please let me know! As always thank you for supporting me, I’ve missed doing some more beauty posts so it was really nice to go back to my roots and sit and write this, its been fun thinking of my fave beauty products from the year.


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