Riverview Kitchen Durham

You may have seen on Instagram (if not then click here to be redirected over there) that last week me and my boyfriend went on a pre-christmas getaway to durham for a few days. I won’t go on about the actual trip because there will be the ‘durham diaries’ following within the next few days, but I knew from the moment I walked into the Riverview kitchen that it deserved a standalone review. Plus I took so many photos that I wanted to share from our brunch! We actually went twice, once for brunch and once for a hot chocolate. 


I first saw the Riverview kitchen on Instagram (mainly from Jack Edwards ngl) and I added it onto the ‘must do’ in durham list… I am so glad that I did. It is situated right on the riverside and we actually got a window seat, which made the whole experience so much nicer as the view over the river was stunning. The location really couldn’t be any better if it tried, right in the centre of durham and overlooking the river… perfect.

my boyfriend at the Riverview kitchenflatlay of the Riverview kitchen coffees  

The decor of the Riverview kitchen is so ‘instagrammable’ and the aesthetic is right up my street. From the industrial looking lights down to the teapots, you could take a photo of anything and it would look fab, which obviously works really well in my favour. I couldn’t put my camera down! They were so good at adding amazing little touches (which again were fab for even more photos), for example every drink came with a little daim bar, which are actually one of my favourite chocolates. I have never seen a cafe do that and it was such a unique touch that really made me fall in love with the cafe even more. 


close up of the coffee

The first time we went to the Riverview kitchen was for our brunch, and I opted for the bacon and maple syrup pancakes. I’m not usually one to go for pancakes and I don’t have the often, but it was definitely a good choice. I had seen them all over their Instagram page and there was a huge range of combinations on the menu so I knew that I wanted to give them a go and they certainly didn’t disappoint. However, the whole breakfast menu seemed so nice and definitely worth it for a good brunch date.



The second time we went was just for hot chocolates, as we saw them on the menu the day before and decided that we were going to go back specifically for them. They were 100% the star of the show and I loved them so much. I loved that the hot chocolate was separate but came on a try with pots of marshmallows, brownie pieces and oreo bites. It was almost a ‘build your own’ hot chocolate and I loved the really unique concept. I’m easily pleased! 

hot chocolates at the Riverview kitchenPC190151

Overall I would certainly recommend the Riverview kitchen, and if ever I am back in durham I will definitely be returning. I think it is a great cafe and I would recommend it to specifically students, durham has turned into a student hub anyway and I do think that people my age would enjoy going to the cafe as it has a very cool vibe to it.  Great food and great setting, what more do you want? 


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