Christmas Eve: Q&A

Happy Christmas Eve! I can’t believe that it is already Christmas Eve, 2018 has flown by and it has come around so quickly. I love Christmas even as everything is so relaxed and cosy, yet you are so excited at the same time. One of my fave days of the year for sure! I didn’t really know what to write for today’s blogmas post as I wanted it to be super festive but relaxed, so I thought to put it to my audience and have a festive Q&A. I asked for questions on an Instagram post last week (I’m pre-scheduling this) and I can’t wait to answer them all. There were some amazing questions! 


What is your favourite food to eat for Christmas dinner? @hhlifestyletravel @trxpicalandrea 

Ooh I can’t decide, everything is so good! I love pigs in blankets and stuffing, but I do also love the gravy with the meat dripping in… it tastes so much better on Christmas Day! 

What is your ideal Christmas Day? @charli_russon 

I love just having a chilled Christmas! Getting up and having a slow morning opening presents, then spending the rest of the day by the fire, eating all the selection box chocolate and watching Christmas films. I love how chilled Christmas Day is! 

Do you hit the shops on Boxing Day? @femenish 

Definitely not, it would be way too busy! I have always spent Boxing Day with my dad and my other grandparents who I don’t see on Christmas Day, and I can’t imagine doing anything else now. 

If you had to live off one piece of your Christmas meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? @life0fbr00ke

I think it has to be pigs in blankets! I love them and I hate that they are only really available at Christmas time. 

Favourite movie to watch on Christmas Eve? @kaylaaloves

Either Nativity or Elf, I love the cheesy Christmas comedies. What is your favourite? 


Do you eat Christmas dinner at lunch or dinner? @hollszz 

More towards lunch but it is usually a late lunch, around 1:30 or 2pm. I couldn’t imagine having to wait until the evening to eat my Christmas dinner, I get too excited!

Should shops be open long hours or Boxing Day during the festive period? @hollszz 

No I don’t think they should, retail workers deserve a rest and there is nothing you really need on Boxing Day. They used to be shut until recently so why not now? 

What do you dislike about Christmas, if anything? @hollszz 

I dislike that emergency service workers (and many other people in the public sector) have to work over Christmas. I know that it benefits a lot of people and needs to be done but it makes me so sad that the most selfless of people can’t enjoy Christmas. One of my friend’s very rarely has her mum and dad at home for the whole of Christmas Day as they both work in the public sector. They work so hard and deserve the most rest out of all of us! 

What are you favourite Christmas makeup products? @bethemilydann

I love a bit of glitter at Christmas time! My favourite products for the glitter on the eyes have to be liquid glitter, as there is so much less fallout and it is just so much easier to apply. My favourites at the moment have to be the Stila liquid glitter in ‘smouldering satin’ for a classic golden eye and the urban decay liquid moondust in ‘solstice’ for my classic smokey eye. I love glitters! 

Fave festive Starbucks/costa drink? @aleeha_xx

I have actually done a whole blog post about my top 5 festive Christmas drinks, so if you haven’t seen that already then check it out. My favourite Christmas drink this year has to be the chocolate little luxury from costa, as it is so rich and just tastes gorgeous. My favourite drink from Starbucks is the salted caramel brownie hot chocolate, and I would recommend both. I love the festive drink season. 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? @violetgenton @emily_reuben

I think it has to be making time to see people, and being able to see everyone. I love the amount of family events there are, and nights out with friends. I love that you get to see everyone that you love and everyone makes more time for each other. Its not just about Christmas Day for me but the whole lead up as well… I love how happy everyone is at this time of year.

Do you have any unusual festive traditions? @nishiv_mua 

I don’t think I do! I say I have a pretty ‘normal’ Christmas, although if I did have any weird traditions I suppose I wouldn’t know! I’m sorry for the leat exciting answer ever, although if you have any weird traditions let me know as I would love to hear them. 

What do you wear on Christmas Day? @charlenemcelhinney

I like to dress up a bit on Christmas Day as it is an occasion, but comfort is always top priority. I usually wear a skirt with a top tucked in, so I look nice but the skirt is stretchy enough so I can eat as much Christmas dinner as I want! That being said, by 5pm I’m almost always in my pyjamas on the sofa. 


So these were all the questions, and I hope that this let you learn more about me and my favourite things about Christmas. I hope that you are all having a wonderful Christmas Eve whatever you are up to, and enjoy spending time with your loved ones both today and tomorrow. This is the last official post of blogmas but I am continuing to write posts everyday at 9am until 2019, so you still have another week of posts from me. Thank you so much for supporting me and all of the posts so far, December has officially been my best month for blog views EVER, and that is such a fab way to attend 2018. So much love for you all ❤️


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