Durham: Day 1

If you follow my Instagram (click here if you aren’t following me over there) then you will know that last week me and my boyfriend went to Durham as a little pre-Christmas escape. We didn’t know what to get each other and we both love going on weekends away, so it made sense to have a little getaway before Christmas as our present to each other.

We have both been in big cities for university (Manchester and Leeds) over the past few months so we knew that we didn’t want a busy city break, so rather we opted for more of a chilled stay but still in a city. I had only been to Durham once before and John has never been, so it seemed like a perfect mix between having things to do when we are there but still relaxed. We made a good choice and I would definitely recommend the city if you are in the same situation as me! 


Durham is only around 2.5 hours from where I live so we drove there on the morning and stopped off at the supermarket on the way to pick up essential snacks and supplies for the holiday cottage. We decided to stay in a holiday cottage over a hotel because not only was it cheaper, but we liked the idea of having a little cottage rather than a hotel room, and we got to cook breakfast etc as well. I would definitely recommend White House cottages if you are staying in Durham, it is a little out of the centre so you would need to take your car but it was perfect for two people and we had such a fab experience, so small but perfectly formed! We even got gifted a homemade lemon drizzle cake on arrival, which tasted amazing! I couldn’t recommend it enough and I know that we will definitely be going back if ever we stay again. If you are looking for holiday cottages and want to know more details about our stay, please message me and I will definitely get back to you. 


By the time we arrived in Durham, found the holiday cottage and unpacked our things from the car, it was mid afternoon. We were both tired but still wanted to explore Durham a little, so decided to drive into the city centre to get our bearings and go for a drink. Can I take a moment to say just how much I like Durham? Everything is so pretty, it’s so small but still had everything we needed and I love the heritage. If you haven’t been you definitely need to add it to your travel list, I didn’t think that I would like it as much as I did. 


Before we went to Durham, I was talking to Amy Louise who is a north east blogger. She loves Durham and gave me plenty of recommendations for the weekend. One of the places she recommended was “Treats”, which is a little upstairs cafe. I would have never have seen this otherwise, but I’m so glad that we did and had a drink there. The cakes were lovely and there were so many drink choices too. When my boyfriend went to Mexico last year he was obsessed with the “dirty chai” drink but he hasn’t been able to find it in the UK, but treats had it. Shows how many drinks they had on offer! We had a mars bar crunch and a chocolate fudge cake between us and it was fab. A great start to Durham! 


Like I said before, we were both pretty tired so we decided to go back to the holiday cottage, have a chilled night and order a takeaway. That’s another thing I loved about the holiday cottage, if I was in a hotel I wouldn’t have taken the time to relax and instead pushed myself to go out but instead I loved that we could just go back and make use of our little cottage. It was so cute! We ordered takeaway and had drinks whilst watching TV. A really chilled night but it was what we needed so that we could enjoy the full day the next day. 


So that was my first Durham diaries post, and there will be another 2 tomorrow and the day after. It was such a relaxed day but I really liked that, and over the course of the trip I really have fallen for Durham. As always thank you so much for reading this, I love my travel posts and I hope that you do to. I would like to do a lot more travel and UK city posts in 2019! 



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