Christmas Day: 2018

I love writing this post and reminiscing on Christmas Day, even though it was only actually yesterday when I write this. Christmas Day is one of my favourite days of the year and I love how happy the atmosphere is on Christmas day, and I love being able to share that with my audience. This day was like all the others, filled with fun, family and food… my favourite. 

Christmas Day 2018

I am secretly 10 years old so I woke up early and couldn’t wait to see if Santa had been (I promise you I am genuinely 18!). I was so grateful for all of the lovely presents that I received this year, my family were so generous (as always) and I loved everything that I got. My personal favourites have to be my main present, which was a beautiful Vivienne Westwood purse. This is my first item from Vivienne Westwood but I highly doubt it will be my last, as it is so beautiful. 



Something that shocked me the most when I walked downstairs was a GIANT present, which when I opened it turned out to be a giant sausage dog seat. If you know me you will know that sausage dogs are my favourite breed of dog and I love them with all of my heart, but when I said I wanted a sausage dog for Christmas this isn’t exactly what I meant! Still such a cute present though, but now I just need to work out where to put it. Meet Frank everyone- my temporary sausage dog until one day in the distant future where I get my real sausage dog!


I had a very slow morning, unpacking my gifts from packaging and getting ready. I also called my family who I don’t get to see on Christmas Day, such as my other grandparents and my dad to see how their Christmas was going. It was so nice to take a lot of time getting ready, and I do like looking nice on Christmas day. This year I wore a black jumpsuit (which was super comfy and elasticated) paired with a leopard print belt, although that came off halfway through the day when I started eating way too much. 


Now for the best bit about Christmas Day… Christmas dinner. I got no photos of it because I took one look and then just started devouring everything in sight without even thinking of picking up my camera. You have all seen a Christmas dinner before though! It was probably one of the best ones yet, so much so that I started eating leftovers at about 6pm despite being so full, it was just so good. I can’t take any credit for it though as I did literally nothing, instead my nan and grandad were the angels in the kitchen and made the whole dinner for everyone. To be fair they made enough to feed about 42 I think! 


The afternoon was spent laid on the sofa, complaining of how full I was and spending time with my family. I really liked that we didn’t put the TV on this year all afternoon, as usually we have the TV on in the background and the day dissolves to just watching shit on TV, so I really liked that we didn’t have that. Instead I spent some time writing out some of my Indigo Rosee postcards as little thank you’s for people who will are supporting my brand at the moment. It felt like a nice time to do it as they were cards expressing my gratitude, plus it meant I wasn’t just sat on my phone. John also came round on the evening, which was really nice to see him on Christmas Day. Our pyjamas were on by 8pm and we had a wild night in, with hot chocolates and the thorntons chocolate box. 


So that is my Christmas Day… not much to report but it was so nice to chill and not think about anything for a day. I tried to take as many photos as possible but I basically forgot for half of the day because I was so switched off, so I apologise. I hope you liked the post regardless though! As alway thank you so much for reading this and I hope you had a fab Christmas Day, however you spent it. I would love to know your favourite thing about Christmas Day! I can’t believe blogmas is nearly over, but the last few days are exciting because they are my roundup of the year and reflection posts, which I think are my favourites to write all year. 



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