Blogmas: The roundup

So I did it! 32 posts in 32 days and it is done. This is going to be a super short post but I thought I would link back to every post in blogmas, in case you have missed any, want to go read them again or even stumble across this when looking for blogmas inspiration next year. I didn’t do this last year but lots of people requested it, so I hope that it is useful. Christmas is a busy time of year so I doubt everyone has read them all, but please let me know if you did! 

Here we go! 

  1. Hello December 
  2. Here we go again
  3. Giveaway 
  4. KissxManchester
  5. Caseapp collaboration 
  6. A chat with @life0fbr00ke
  7. Balancing exams and Christmas 
  8. Manchester markets 
  9. Leeds by example 
  10. A chat with @livrookyt
  11. Morning motivation 
  12. Friend takeover 
  13. Blogger box swap: The giving 
  14. Blogger box swap: The receiving 
  15. Semester 1 and Life update 
  16. A chat with @rubysnotes 
  17. Giveaway winner 
  18. New year, New Organised you 
  19. Coffee shops 
  20. University: expectations v reality 
  21. Xmas party 2018 
  22. The best of beauty 2018 
  23. The Riverview kitchen 
  24. Christmas Eve Q&A
  25. Merry Christmas 
  26. Durham day 1 
  27. Durham day 2 
  28. Durham day 3 
  29. Christmas Day 2018 
  30. 2018 
  31. 2019 
  32. Hello January 

Thank you so much for reading all of the posts, and please let me know which one was your favourite! Heres to 2019. 


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