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I have had a week off and I am back with probably the most exciting blog post that I have ever written. I have been mentally planning it in my head for over 3 months now, so it feels amazing (and incredibly nerve-wracking) to be finally sharing it. If you have seen my hints on social media you will probably already know what I am going to say but today is the day that my business and my baby, Indigo Rosee Beauty has launched. OMG IM SO EXCITED! 


Before I start, I just want to say that my blog is not going to turn into a walking advertisement for my lashes…I promise. This next week is going to be jam packed with lash related posts (including my super exciting launch party) but then we will go back to my usual schedule of a bit of everything. I know people follow my blog for all sorts of reasons and not just beauty, so don’t worry if this isn’t your vibe… normal proceedings will resume soon enough. 

Anyway, now back to the very exciting task at hand. I have wanted to create a business for basically my whole life (more on that later), and although the business side of my blog satisfied that desire for 2 years it started to become not enough. I had this overwhelming crave to start a business, to do something non conventional and more importantly do something that I absolutely love. If anyone ever asked me what my dream was it would be to start my own cosmetics line, after all my love for beauty is how Indigo Rosee started… so that is exactly what I have done.

Indigo Rosee beauty is launching as a line of 3 lash style, all designed and named by me. I wanted to add a personal touch to everything and I am so proud that I have done just that. Lashes are my favourite makeup product by a mile, and I started wearing them around the time that I launched Indigo Rosee so it felt like a natural step to bring them out as products. All 3 styles are faux mink so are completely suitable for vegans and the lash band is fantastic quality, so I have been getting around 8-10 wears out of each lash with good care. They are priced quite highly but I invested so much into the design of the lashes and I stand by the quality so much, and you will definitely get your money’s worth from a pair.

The packaging is my absolute favourite, and I designed it all myself which makes me even prouder. I am a blogger at heart and I love taking pretty photos and flatlay’s, so the packaging was super important for me. I went with a box design, as it is my favourite packaging for lashes and means that they are super easy to store and stack in a drawer. There is indigo foiling all over the packaging, because my brand is all about the purple and I love how it shines… so much nicer than just plain purple! My absolutely favourite thing about my packaging though is the silver glitter, as it makes it seem so much more special and pretty. If you know me you know how obsessed I am with glitter so I am so proud that I have been able to incorporate it into my packaging. I don’t think this packaging could me more ‘me’ if it tried! 

Now for what you have all been waiting for… the products. The first collection is 3 lash styles and I cannot wait to share them with you. Here we go! 

Vonnie– £6.00

I know they say you can’t pick a favourite child, but if I had to choose one of the three this would have to be my favourite. The style is so wispy but still full looking, they look uber special and suit every eye shape that have tried them. I am honestly obsessed and I know that you will be too. These are named after my lovely nan, who is my biggest inspiration and my favourite person… hence the reason my favourite lashes are named after her. It is an honour to have a pair named after my nan, and I know that she is super proud to be a part of my first collection. She always goes above and beyond for me, and I hope that this pair stay in my collection forever and ever. 


This is the most natural pair of the three (especially if you cut them down) and are perfect for people who want to experiment with lashes a bit more, but maybe haven’t tried many pairs. They are lengthening but not in a volume way, more adding definition and shape to your lashes. I tend to wear these during the day (because I love full lashes) but they can easily be perfect for a nighttime too. These have a very important name behind them, as it is actually the name of a fake business I created when I was I was around 8. I used to make little business cards and everything, and I wanted to include this name as a little nod to my love of business and business studies. When I say I have always wanted to start a business I do genuinely mean it, and I am so proud that I have been able to tick this off my bucket list at such a young age. 

Confidence– £6.00

This is the biggest pair of the whole collection, and perfect for lash lovers like me who want a very bold and full lash for a night out. I adore them and have been wearing them on most nights out I have been on for a few months… they are perfect for people who love a really intense lash. I called them confidence because thats how lashes make me feel… confident. When I put a pair of lashes on I feel like the ultimate girl boss who can conquer the world, and if these lashes make one other person feel like that then I have done my job correctly. 

So there is my first collection which is now online on my new online shop, and I hope that you love them as much as I do. If you do like them, please click here to be redirected to my website where you can purchase some. All of the lashes are sold individually at £6.00 or you can purchase the whole first collection for £15.00, giving you some discount if you want to try them all. Please let me know if you purchase a pair so I can thank you personally, it honestly means the world as by purchasing you are supporting my little business and helping my dreams to come true. Roll on the launch party tonight! 

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