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It is currently the morning after my launch party, and I am sat alone with a cup of tea. Its only really now that I am actually processing last night. It was without a doubt one of the craziest but best nights of my whole life so far. I loved how everyone came together to celebrate Indigo Rosee and my brand, and it made me so happy and respected in the industry. Working on the internet is sometimes pretty lonely and its not like having ‘work friends’ but these girls mean the absolute world to me and every single person at the launch party is someone who I would class as a genuine friend. I am so lucky to have such a supportive group around me who build and hype me up so much!

Launch party for Indigo Rosee Beauty


If you don’t have a clue what I am going on about, click here to read my last post all about the launch of my lashes last week. 

The launch party was celebrating the first collection, and it was hosted at Jalou in York. If anyone has been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I attended the Jalou bloggers event back in May (click here) and I absolutely loved it, so I decided to have my launch party at the same venue for my event. The mezzanine floor of the bar is actually a private VIP area, which was so cool to have our own space with our own bar. I loved it! The venue itself is a renovated church and is 100% my aesthetic. At one point we had the huge light feature changed to purple, which couldn’t have matched the indigo theme more perfectly. It truly was a purple wonderland as I wouldn’t have it any other way! 



At this point I just have to give a shoutout to the lovely Emily, who was our barlady and hosted the whole launch party. She truly is an angel and I cannot compliment her enough. She was so much more than just a barmaid, she interacted with everyone and really made the evening run so smoothly. If ever I do another event I am definitely requesting to have Emily as she was absolutely fab. 




The main activity of the event was the cocktail masterclass, which was so much fun. I was really conscious when choosing what to do for the launch, as I didn’t want people sitting around doing nothing. I have been to a few events like that and they get so boring, and I found that people leave them a lot sooner. Most of the people at my event ended up staying way past the end time because we were all so happy and excited! I made a bubblegum daiquiri, which is my favourite drink at Jalou, and also a passionfruit daiquiri. Can you tell I like daiquiris? 



I spent the majority of the evening sitting with little groups of guests and catching up. The annoying thing about my blogging friends is that we only see each other a few times a year at events, so it is also so lovely to catch up and talk to everyone. Like I said earlier, I absolutely love everyone and it was so nice to see people again. Plus I got to meet Brooke for the first time, which was so exciting! Talking of lovely friends, they also got me some lovely congratulations cards and gifts that I am so grateful for.


I know that a lot of people follow my account for the beauty and fashion content, so I thought I would include what I was wearing in this blog post. These black trousers are from misguided and they are fab, perfect for this time of year when you want to look smart but not absolutely freezing in a skirt. I paired this with a white top from New look, which is one of my all time favourites. I didn’t know what to wear for ages and I was looking to buy something new, but instead I decided to go with one of my favourite tops. I love how confident I feel in it! Obviously I also wore my new look black heels that I wear literally all of the time, they are the only heels I can walk in! 


So that was my launch party. This will definitely be one of the blog posts that I look back on for a very long time, as it was truly one of the dreamiest nights of my life. It was so nice having so many people under one roof celebrating my hard work. Thank you to everyone who has supported my business so far, and heres to 2019 and a lot more success! 

Launch party for Indigo Rosee Beauty


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