London: Day 2

This is our first full day in London, and it turned out to be one of my favourite days in a long time. We filled it to the brim of things to do from start to finish, and so many memories were made as a result. Have you read day 1? It would be worth reading that post first to get a feel for what is going on, before you read this one. This post is very photo heavy, because I had my camera around my neck most of the day and was snapping photos whenever I could. 


I woke up early, and I rolled out of bed straight into the spa area. The hotel had a pool, which was such a relaxed way to start the day and properly wake up… I wish it was the start of every morning! I can’t swim that much (thanks a lot surgery) but I did a few lengths and I also sat in the steam room and sauna, which I absolutely love. The hotel spa is so gorgeous and all of the products used are cowshed (which is such a luxurious brand) so I really enjoyed washing my hair and moisturising with all of the products that they provided. Such a nice touch and the beauty blogger in me really enjoyed testing out some different products. 


After a breakfast of bacon pancakes (my favourite), we all made our way to winter wonderland in Hyde park. It was the last weekend of the famous fair so we knew that we needed to go whilst we were there and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I loved it! Last time I went was Christmas 2013 but it has grown significantly since then and it is absolutely huge. It is definitely worth going if you are around London next Christmas, and the entry is free as well. My personal favourite was the fun house, my whole family went in and it was so funny. Plenty of photo opportunities too! It was so much fun and all age groups will enjoy it, I’m not a big thrill seeker but there are some pretty big rides there now as well if that is your kind of thing. 


Talking of photos, I have loved that throughout my London trip I have had time to properly get my camera out again. More often than not my camera gets neglected with me only getting it out when I need to take photos for a blog post, not because I want to. I still love photography as much as ever and it made my heart happy being able to play around and experiment with photography again whilst I had time in London. I am so proud of these photos of bubbles! I need to make it a mission in 2019 to get my camera out because I want to and not because I feel I have to, after all this is my hobby and not my job. 


After winter wonderland, we jumped in a taxi and headed over to the brick lane area for the afternoon. This is one of my favourite spots in London and for good reason, as I love the cool vibe, the independent shops and all of the street art that is absolutely everywhere. I got so many outfit photos near all of the famous graffiti, and these photos will be going live in my outfit diary blog post next week. I can’t wait to share it! 


Then something really random happened. After seeing some very nice cars pass us on brick lane, we found out that it was men’s fashion week and we ended up getting caught up in the action. Ill be honest when I say I didn’t recognise 99% of the people passing us, but they did look incredibly cool with their street style going into the main entrance for the events. I did get some good photos of @gullyguyleo, which I’m pretty proud of considering they were just on my iPhone… and this was after he rocked up in a gold car. Definitely not what I expected from the day! I was pretty gutted I didn’t see Marcus Butler and Jim Chapman, as they were there but we didn’t see them. My inner 13 year old would have freaked out! 


Now onto the evening. We tried to get into dishoom on Carnaby street but it was fully booked (something for next time!) so we ended up going to Jackson and Rye near soho. I had never been before but it was SO NICE and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for an upmarket restaurant in central London. I had a steak and it tasted so good, I’m so glad we went and I would definitely go back next time I am in the area. The chicken wings tasted amazing! 


So that was the day, filled to the brim of things to do and filled with highlights. It was so nice to be able to spend some quality time with my family exploring London and making memories. Such a perfect day, and one of my favourites in a long time. I think we already have one of my top 10 days in 2019 and we aren’t even a week in! 



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