The outfit diary (4)

I haven’t written one of these outfit diary posts for a while but they are one of my favourites to sit down and write, so I’m excited to share the outfits that I have been loving recently and sharing my top picks. After Christmas, I ordered lots of clothes in the January sale for my London trip and I loved all of them so most of these are from that huge order I placed. I have enough clothes to last me a long while now! It was also so nice to be able to shoot the majority of these photos in London, as it is so much easier to take photos in a city compared to at home. 

Outfit #1

This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment, and I actually wore it on Christmas Day because it is so comfy but equally looks so stylish. I have been really enjoying wearing more trousers and jumpsuits at the moment (which is completely unlike me who wears skirts most days), but I am loving it. Perfect for the colder months when you want to look stylish but equally warm! This plain black jumpsuit is from new look, and it was so cheap. I wear it a lot and those eagle eyed amongst you will have definitely seen it on my photos before. I paired it with a new topshop leopard print belt (which was a Christmas present) and I love it. I have really jumped on the animal print trend at the moment, which again is quite unlike me but I love adding a little bit of pattern to outfits. I absolutely love this outfit and I am sure you will be seeing it a lot in other 2019 outfit diary posts, especially in the summer paired with flat sandles and sunglasses. 

smiling- wearing black jumpsuitIMG_5900.jpg

Outfit #2

This is one of the outfits that I bought in the sale and I love it. Its so casual and was perfect for the day walking around London because it is so warm! It is such a simple outfit to pair with tights and boots, and will definitely be making a lot of reappearances over the winter. It was in the sale in misguided, and I would recommend picking it up if you get the chance as it was pretty cheap for such high quality. I love it so much, I think I might buy some different colours! I also am really happy with the photos we shot of this outfit on Brick lane, London.


Outfit #3

I don’t want to overreact, but I think this £12 misguided dress is my new favourite dress that I own. I absolutely adore it! Its really simple but is perfect for day and night, and is the best length so I can wear without tights in the summer or with tights in the winter…it really is the little things eh? Honestly though, this dress is never going to leave my wardrobe and is the perfect ’smart casual’ that we all crave. Please go and buy it if you are needing a new dress! 


Outfit #4 

This outfit is from ages ago, but so many people were asking me where the items were from so I thought to include it in this outfit diary for reference. This was the outfit that I wore to the Kiss Christmas party at cloud 23 (click here for the full blog post), but I loved my outfit and felt super confident in it, and wear it a lot outside of the ‘Instagram world’. The striped trousers are from PLT and I wear them constantly, like I said earlier they are perfect for the winter when you want to look smart but equally do not want to be freezing. The perfect smart outfit that is also warm! I paired it with a plain black bandeau top, which recently have become my go to style for parties as I think they look so stylish but are comfy for dancing in nightclubs. I have been picking up lots in different patterns! This one was from boohoo and it was only £4.00 despite being fab quality, would definitely recommend! 


Outfit #5 

I wore this when I was travelling down to London but I didn’t get any photos for my outfit diary, so I actually took these when I was travelling to my launch party for Indigo Rosee Beauty. Clearly it has turned into a bit of a travelling outfit! I love wearing a skirt and tights during the day, so this is a full black outfit with a halterneck bodysuit from boohoo as well. So far the outfit is just plain black and boring, but paired with my new favourite cardigan it is amazing. This leopard print cardigan is from the boohoo sale, and I absolutely love it. I think it looks so nice with a whole black outfit and I know I will be wearing it so much in the spring time, when its warm enough for no coat but you still want a jacket of some kind. 


So these are my favourite outfits at the moment, which one is your favourite? I am aiming to do one of these outfit diary posts every ‘season’, sharing my top picks from the season and my favourite outfits. I love writing fashion posts and I don’t do it enough, so its definitely something I want to work on more in 2019. I can’t wait to do another when I go on my summer holiday in July! 

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