Blog and Beyond Roadshow- Manchester

I am so excited to share this post today, as it is the first blog and beyond is the first blogging event that I have attended in 2019… and it was definitely a good one! It was an afternoon event held for 5 hours, and although that seems like a long time, it completely flew by. I learnt so much and it was such an inspiring day, with me coming away a lot more motivated than I went in. 

Blog and beyond is a business owned by my lovely blogging friend and fellow blogger Charlotte, where she shares her top blogging tips and offers her expertise. She recently teamed up with Kirsty to take her business on the road in the blog and beyond roadshow, offering her skills to other bloggers in a workshop style. As soon as I saw that they were hosting this event together, I knew that I wanted to come along and support their venture. They are both super inspiring to me and I was so excited to support them. 

Leaf cafe, Manchester

The blog and beyond roadshow was held in 6 different cities, and although they are finished now, it is definitely worth keeping an eye out on the blog and beyond site to see if any more are coming up soon. I would definitely attend another! I decided to go to the Manchester event, because I was already in the city for the weekend. I am also really trying to branch out and network more in Manchester, because I love the events hosted there and I would really like to get out of my comfort zone and dip my toe in another city of blogging. I would love more Manchester opportunities in 2019!

It was hosted in one of the function rooms at the LEAF on Portland street, which if you know Manchester you will know is a very central location. I had never been to the venue before but I will definitely be returning again. I loved the cosy atmosphere and the hot chocolates were incredible! All of the photos in this blog post are from inside of the cafe, so you can clearly see that it is a super photogenic location. Where better to host a blog and beyond event? You can tell that Kirsty and Charlotte really thought about the instagrammableness (is that even a word?) when choosing venues. 


The first talk was by Charlotte (click here for her a chat with) where she called about her ‘5 steps to creating killer content’. I think this was my favourite talk out of the whole three, as I learnt lots of useful tips for helping me to improve my content. I feel like my blog has taken a bit of a back seat recently whilst I have launched Indigo Rosee Beauty, but after blog and beyond I am certainly ready to up my blogging game again. I am not going to include the specific tips here as I am actually going to write a whole blog post on ‘how to take your blog to the next level’ with tips that I have accumulated myself as well as some from blog and beyond. 

After a short break, the next talk was about ‘the business of blogging’ from Julia over at the independent girls collective. She split her presentation into two halves, the first talking about whether you should consider you blog to be a business and the second half was about the legal side of blogging. It was super informative and I have fallen in love with Julia, she is clearly so good at what she does and it definitely came across in her presentation. I really want to invite her onto ‘A chat with’ in the next couple of months! 

The final talk of the day was from Kirsty Leanne (click here for her a chat with) all about pitching to brands for opportunities and collaborations. I have already seen her talk about this topic at blog at the beach last year, but she changed parts and I felt like I still learnt something event though I had seen the topic of the presentation before. She put it into 5 easy steps to wording a pitching email and it made it seem very desirable, even though I have barely pitched to brands before. It was so good to see her tips! I love her idea of re-pitching to brands that you have worked with before but just with new ideas, and I will definitely be doing this throughout the year to secure some more collaborations with businesses that I love. 

2019-02-10 11:23:02.027

After the talks were over, we moved onto the panel discussion with Kirsty and then two more content creators (Anoushka and Katy). It was quite a short panel because the other talks overrun, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I really liked how it was almost a Q&A style, with Charlotte asking the questions and then putting it to the panel. I also liked how, because it was an intimate event, you could feel like you could chip into the conversation and it wasn’t super awkward. It was more like a leaded group discussion in parts! I would like to see more panels at future blog and beyond events and make that part more of a focus, because I think it was very beneficial to hear more than one opinion on certain topics. 

the blog and beyond panel

I am so glad I attended the blog and beyond event, and I will definitely be returning if they ever bring the roadshow back on the road again. It ave me so much motivation to work hard on my blog in 2019, and I would also like to do more public speaking about my blog and business next year. It would push me and I’m so nervous about doing it but I think it would be so rewarding! 

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