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I have known Michelle for around a year now as we are in the same blogging/Instagram group chat, which I absolutely love. As a sidenote I would definitely recommend trying to join some group chats if you are a blogger looking to meet new people, as the girls in that chat have now become some of the closest people to me on the platform, where we build each other up and always support each others posts. Its a fab environment! Me and Michelle have become really good friends, and I love seeing her posts on my feed. She always makes my day with her crazy comments on my posts too! She is currently playing Mrs Phelps in Matilda, which is such a cool job for a very cool lady… I just wish I had seen her perform live (click here) as when we sent to see it she had sprained her ankle. Definitely want to see her in a performance in 2019 though. 

Michelle Hopewell

As always my text will be in bold and Michelle’s will be in regular font. 

What made you start your Instagram account? Was it planned to turn into what is has today? 

I started my account back in 2012/2013 as a sort of diary of everything I was getting up to while training at drama school. Over the years it’s morphed into a platform that I use hopefully to encourage myself, others and talk about issues that I am very passionate about. Things from equality and representation to theatre, t.v. and film to music and fashion! It was rather unintentional but super organic and I’m proud of what I use my social media for today.

I am so gutted that I didn’t get to see you in Matilda, although I did love the show in Manchester! What is it like playing Mrs phelps? 

So glad you got to see the show and I hope you enjoyed it, I actually sent to high school in Manchester so it was fun being back and seeing how much it changed. It’s super amazing and fun being part of the show and it’s such a blessing to know so many people enjoy it!

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What is your favourite character you have played? 

I don’t have a favourite as every character I’ve played has taught me something different about the world and myself. Its just a privilege to get to tell so many diverse stories and bring life to so many incredible kind of people.

What is it like being on the road all of the time? Do you miss your home? 

Being on the road is such a mix bag. I’m a total home body so it can be a bit tough, but it’s been incredible to see so much of the UK and it was amazing visiting Ireland for the first time!

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Is the showbiz lifestyle as glamorous as it is perceived to be? 

It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice. It of course has its rewards and moments of awesome but generally it’s like every other job, even when you’re passionate, you have to work hard!

What would be your dream role? 

I’m not sure I have a dream role any more. My dream is to make work that I am proud of. Work that says something and can help change perspectives and hopefully hearts. I want to play interesting and 3 dimensional people that have something important to say!

Michelle Hopewell

I love getting recommendations of people to watch and follow! Who are you loving at the moment? 

I am loving Nicole Ocran at the moment! She is such a cutie! An American beauty living here in the UK with her husband. She’s so sweet and funny and her style is absolute goals!

What are you most excited about in 2019? 

I’m so excited to just see what the year has in store! In an industry like mine where you have to be prepared for everything and anything i don’t make plans as much as buckle up for the ride, so I’m excited for whatever new destinations there might be.

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What can we expect to see from you this year? 

You can expect way more consistent content which for me is massive. I have an incredibly busy schedule with the show so making my blog a priority is hard but I have planned so far ahead that I’ll get the pleasure of actually getting to share some great stuff with you guys!

I talk a lot about beauty on my blog so we will have the last question as something beauty related, what is your holy grail beauty product? 

I am OBSESSED with highlight. I recently started using a priming highlight as my face cream just so I sparkle when I leave the house. I think sometimes we need to be the glitter in our day! I love fenty highlighters but illamasqua wins the highlight award for me!

Michelle Hopewell

So that is the post! I hope you love Michelle as much as I do and if you want to go check out her work then click below to be redirected to her social media pages. 





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