Hello March

February has been a pretty chilled month in the grand scheme of things, however the university work has really picked up and I’m definitely feeling the pressure! I feel like my to-do list will never be done, and summer feels very far away all of a sudden. I feel like I have settled into my course a lot more now though and I can feel the quality of my work increasing, which makes me happy. For the first few months of uni, I definitely wasn’t getting the grades that I wanted and now I am starting to see the grade I want more and more. Although I was very glad to see the back of a very long philosophy assignment this month.


Socially, I have actually done quite a lot this month. February is valentines day so we did a lot for that, and I have also had a couple of nights out with friends, which is always fun. You will see that this month has centralised around Manchester quite a bit- I don’t know why some months are more Manchester heavy than others but February definitely seemed to be a Manchester month. 


Something that didn’t happen in Manchester, however did happen in February, is getting my Indigo Rosee office finished. I won’t go on about it too much because I wrote a whole post about it (click here) but I am in love. It has given me all of the storage space that I have needed for Indigo Rosee Beauty, but equally it is such a nice space to sit and work on other projects. It makes me even more excited to move back home in May! This blog post with my room tour is my most viewed blog posts in February (and one of the highest of the year so far), so I’m glad to see that you are all loving it. 


One of the first weekend’s in February was spent socialising in Manchester, which is exactly what I need sometimes. I do a pretty good job at isolating myself a lot, and I need to make more time for both my current friends and also making new friends. And that is exactly what this weekend was about. We didn’t go on a night out, instead opting for a flat party (which I personally prefer because it means you can properly talk to people instead of fighting to over the music), and we also had a cosy night in watching Shane Dawson’s new series. If you know me you know how much I love Shane Dawson (I have actually reviewed two of his series here and here) and its so nice to find fellow Shane fans. It makes the whole viewing experience a lot more fun! There have been so many good memories made this month. 


You may have noticed that the blogging world has been a little bit dead since Christmas (this is the usual until it starts to pick up around May time) so it was very nice to be able to attend my first blogging event of 2019 in February and feel like ‘Indigo Rosee’ for an afternoon, as it hasn’t been happening very often. If you have seen this post you will know that I went to the blog and beyond roadshow, hosted by Kirsty and Charlotte. I loved being around so many inspiring women in the industry who are absolutely killing it with their content. Im making a few minor changes to my blog over the next few weeks, and this gave me the motivation to just do it.


I know valentines day is a manufactured holiday primarily as a catalyst to yearly profits, but I just can’t get enough of it. All the love, romance and pink… my heart could burst. As much as a claim to have a heart of stone, I do have my romantic moments and I love that there is just a day to celebrate how much you love people around you, whether thats your partner, friends or family. This year I actually surprised my boyfriend (he had no idea!) but I obviously didn’t take any photos as it was just a private day. However, on the weekend we had a date night and then went to dirty martini… which I’ve established is my new favourite cocktail bar. Neon signs, a cool guy playing an actual saxophone and fantastic music. My heaven! Definitely my favourite evening of February without a doubt. 


I thought I would include this in this post, because you might notice a bit of a change from now on with how my blog posts are scheduled. I just pop up posts at random intervals at the moment, but that is changing. Now (unless I state otherwise) you will find me posting something on Wednesday and Sunday at 9am, and then also my Hello post on the 1st of every month. This means that there are slightly fewer posts from me, but you will know exactly when they will be and it will help you to stay up to date. I hope you don’t mind! 


So that was my February. Overall it has been pretty chilled but it has had its social moments, and it has been a really nice month. The weather has really stated to pick up and I’m so excited for spring to be here, although that being said I think with temperatures reaching 18 degrees last week… I think it might already be here! As you are reading this, some family friends are coming to visit for the weekend, which I’m very excited about. Im sure you will be seeing plenty of snippets from the weekend in Hello April, alongside the start of my easter break. As always thank you so much for reading this and supporting me, it never goes unnoticed.

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