My Tenerife Itinerary with clickstay #ad

I have only been to Tenerife once before (click here for the first travel diary post) but I really enjoyed it, so much so that I am going back again this July. I loved that you could relax, but equally there was plenty to do so that I didn’t get bored… I can easily get bored of relaxing! I hadn’t really thought much about planning my trip so far as its still a few months off, but after the lovely team at clickstay contacted me (and wanted to collaborate on this post) I started to think about my top priorities of what I want to do when I go back in July.  

Tenerife Itinerary with Clickstay

In case you aren’t aware: Clickstay are an amazing online site that allow you to search for over 60,000 properties in over 70 countries. I feel that this is such a good service to promote to my student audience, because finding good quality yet reasonably priced accommodation is one of the hardest parts about booking a holiday, and I think often puts people off because they feel they won’t be able to stay somewhere nice with a limited budget. Clickstay make it super simple  and allow you to stay somewhere gorgeous, such as these amazing villas in Tenerife, but without the huge pricetag. I will definitely be using their service on future holidays! 

The team at Clickstay have certainly got me into the holiday mood, so I thought I would write an itinerary of things I want to do in Tenerife this year (and if you know me you know I love planning and organising) After going last year, there are many attractions that I want to go back to, but equally there are new things I want to discover too. I am so excited already and it is still a few months away yet.



8 things I want to do: 

Monkey park-  This was the absolute highlight of my trip last time (click here for the post), and I am so excited to return this year. Feeding actual monkeys definitely makes for a fab afternoon in my eyes. Definitely a must see and an underrated attraction in Tenerife! 


Siam park- This has been voted the best waterpark in the world, and I can certainly see why. Something for everyone and you can easily spend a day or two of your holiday here. My highlights include the lazy river and the Singha waterslide. With plenty of apartments in Costa Adeje (which is so close to the park) on the clickstay website, it definitely makes it a good place to stay if you are looking to book a Tenerife holiday.  

Playa de las americas- We only went here for a night out, but this trip I really want to go back during the day to explore more. I would also love to go to the Hard Rock cafe one evening, so I’m sure we can do that. Last time we only really explored Costa Adeje, so I hope that this trip involves more venturing out. 

Siam mall- We briefly went here for lunch last time, but it is just so gorgeous that I really want to go back and properly do some shopping this year. There are even huge fountains in the middle of the shopping centre! 


Explore different beaches and harbours- After seeing the gorgeous photo on the clickstay website (see below), I have decided that I want to explore more of the beaches that Tenerife has to offer. I haven’t had the best experience with beaches (last time I went on holiday I was burnt to a crisp) but I think it would be so nice to see more of the coastline, and some of the harbours too. 

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Photo Credit: Clickstay.

Delve into the nightlife more- Last time we cooked a lot and I think we will do the same this time, but I do want to try more restaurants and bars. There is a whole strip of bars and live entertainment near to where we are staying, so I think we will spend a lot of time there on an evening. Drinking cocktails and watching the sunset… is there anything better?

Loro park- We didn’t do this last time as it is quite far from where we are staying, but after hearing so many good reviews, it is definitely on the list for this year. it is the sister to Siam park but instead of a water park, it is more of a zoo I think. I don’t really know what to expect but from what I have heard it looks like such a fun filled day, so I am excited. 

Take time to relax- This is a very important one. This year has been so busy, so as much as I am the worst at relaxing, I am definitely going to try. I’m not going to post on the blog, I’m shutting the shop and I will only be posting instagrams that I have time to post. In short… I am going to put no pressure on myself to create perfect content. I think it is so easy on holiday to try and cram everything in, but I don’t want to feel bad for having a lie in or a chilled day on the balcony. After all, thats what holidays are about.

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I am so excited to write some travel posts for you when I get back, and see if I tick all of these things off my list… I hope I do! Have you ever been to Tenerife? Now is the perfect time to get browsing and get a trip booked up (or have a look at the many other locations on their site!). Thank you so much to the team at clickstay for working with me on this post, and I can’t wait to hopefully create plenty more travel content with them in the future! 

(This post contains content that was paid for by Clickstay, however all opinions and photos are my own, unless credited)

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