About me 

Hello all! I am Tori and I am an 18 year old student blogger from North Yorkshire. I launched Indigo Rosee back in October 2016 and since then this little space on the internet has become an award winning beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.


Indigo Rosee started off as a beauty blog because my young teenage self was obsessed with the makeup world on Youtube but as my blog progressed it has turned towards more lifestyle based. Over here anything goes, my content is a bit of everything in my life and I love it like that. Now we focus more on studying, travelling and my general life rambles… although there will always be a bit of beauty thrown in there too. I’m sure that you will find something that appeals to you!

When I am not blogging, I am a full time student who is studying PPE (politics, philosophy and economics) so my life is often taken over by studying. Both a blessing and a curse for my blog content… a curse because I don’t have time to post as often as I would like and a blessing because I love posting studying/revision content!

If you would like to know anymore about me then I would check out my 50 facts about me blog post where you can find out some pretty random facts about my life and personality.

I hope that you enjoy having a look around my blog and finding out more about me and my life. I absolutely love feedback (both positive and constructive) so please have a chat to me and start a conversation either in the comments section, DM on social media or emailing me at theindigorosee@gmail.com. I am always looking at my comments and DM’s so will definitely reply!

Lots of love,